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On Ninth Anniversary of Syrian Revolution: No one Loves Freedom More Than Syrians Do

Press release
Syrian Opposition Coalition - Syria
Department of Media and Communications
March 15, 2020

Over the nine years of the revolution, the Syrian people have given an outstanding example of resilience and steadfastness in front of the Assad regime's military machine with its aircraft, helicopters, chemical weapons, and barrel bombs, in addition to the crimes of arrest, torture, siege, and mass displacement.

Bashar Al-Assad has been the Syrian people’s weakest enemy, but this tyrant begged his patrons to protect him from the wrath of the people. The direct Iranian intervention failed along with all the foreign sectarian militias. Then came the direct Russian aggression, when the Russian occupation warplanes became a partner in killing and displacement and entered the struggle against the Syrian people who demand only a free and dignified life like the rest of the people of the civilized world. Russia, however, has failed to undermine our resolve to regain freedom and independence.

The Syrian people will only be satisfied with a genuine political transition that will remove criminals from power in Syria and bring them to a fair trial. International resolutions will remain worthless if there is no real international will to implement them. Conditions have become more appropriate today than ever before.

The world still has an opportunity to support the oppressed in Syria by removing the cover off this criminal regime, expelling it from international organizations, supporting free Syrian people to topple it, and confronting the projects of the Russian occupation and Iran's expansionist projects.

It is the duty of every free person in this world to show reverence and respect to this great people who have been sacrificing their lives for the sake of freedom and dignity. Although they have been subjected to murder by the regime, the regime conspired against them, and have been let down by the whole world, the Syrian people still yearn for freedom and independence.

Our heroes who are imprisoned in the regime’s dungeons have been living in tragic conditions for years. We must make every effort to end their suffering. We will continue to make their cause at the top of our priorities and press the international parties and human rights organizations to resume their responsibilities towards them.

No one loves freedom more than Syrians do. They have completed their ninth year of the revolution for a democratic state that guarantees the security, freedom, and dignity of all its citizens. Despite the heavy price, they still persevere in their dream and the goals of their revolution.

We salute this great people who have remained steadfast, patient in their struggle for the sake of their basic rights. We reiterate our support for the unsung heroes and soldiers in all fields of revolutionary, military, humanitarian, relief and social work. We also salute workers in all other sectors, especially education and services, where Syrian men and women stand side by side and struggle for the victory of our revolution and for achieving its goals.

Every fallen hero who sacrificed his life for this blessed revolution was a new beacon of hope lighting up the path of freedom and urging the Syrian people to move forward until reaching the new Syria.

Glory to the heroes of this revolution and to those who stood with them. May our wounded recover, our detainees be free, and our fallen heroes rest in peace.

Long live Syria and its people, free and with honor.

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