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Monday, 06 January 2020 18:38

On Responsibility of the Regime of Crime & Chaos for the Sabkha Crime

Press release
Syrian National Coalition – Syria
Department of Media and Communications
January 06, 2020

In addition to the crimes the Assad regime and its allies are committing against Syrian civilians with the use of jets, helicopters, and heavy artillery, the sectarian terrorist militias and gangs affiliated with and collaborating with this criminal alliance are committing various atrocities such as looting, robbery, kidnapping, rape, and murder against the helpless people and the displaced across our country.

The newest crime during which 27 civilians were shot in the Sabkha area east of the city of Raqqa, is a stark example of the continued crimes and chaos that the regime is leading and planning, just as it intentionally created terrorism and extremism and used them as a weapon to intimidate the people and terrorize the international community.

It has become clear that these militias and criminal gangs can only thrive and operate during chaos which the regime has desperately sought to create since the beginning of the Syrian revolution.

The latest developments confirm time and again that the continuation of criminality, killing, destruction and displacement in Syria and the region will not end as long as this regime continues to hijack the will of Syrian people and take their wealth and future as a hostage. It is imperative, therefore, that the international community assume its responsibilities and take concrete, urgent action to impose a political solution that is needed to put an end to chaos and crimes.

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