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Response to the Russia’s Aggression on the Syrian People

Press Release
Syrian Coalition
General Assembly
October 12, 2015

For the second week, the world has been witnessing an intense Russia aggression on the Syrian people. The Russians deploy aerial and missile bombardment in conjunction with ground operations by regime and Iranian militias with the help of Russian officers and experts against the Free Syrian Army. This has taken place in several Syrian provinces.

The second form of aggression is a naval, ground and air bases built by the Russians in Syria. These not only violate Syria’s sovereignty, but also aim to continue and escalate the aggression, thus turning the Russian military presence in Syria into a direct occupation.

The third form is substantial Russian assistance to the Assad regime, including, in addition to political support, economic aid, military equipment and ammunition, as well as new types of sophisticated weapons aimed at strengthening the capabilities of the Assad regime in its war on the Syrian people.

Russia’s main objective is not to combat extremist groups, particularly ISIS, as Russia claims, but to prop up the Assad regime. This was clear in the remarks made by Russian leadership after starting their operations striking civilian targets. Women, children and the elderly as well as Free Syrian Army fighters were killed in the Russian aerial attacks.

The Syrian Coalition’s General Assembly considers these attacks a serious escalation aimed at subjecting the Syrians through killing, displacement and the destruction of their country. This is what the Assad regime, Iran, the Hezbollah and Iraqi militias are doing in Syria, and Russia has joined them and has opened the door for others to join this unholy alliance which bombs and destroys mosques and churches as well as killing Syrian Muslims and Christians.

While Russian aggression has also exacerbated the war in Syria, as Russia has committed its capabilities to join the circle of murder and destruction, it impedes international efforts for reaching a political solution and will have regional and international implications. It also reveals Russia abandoning its role as a major power in the efforts aimed at reaching political solution in accordance with the Geneva I Communique. Moreover, Russia has now become a party to the Syrian crisis.

We in the Syrian Coalition; in the light of the Russian aggression and its implications, reaffirm our rejection of Russian aggression along with all its accompanying justifications, lies, fabrications and the false allegations of countering ISIS. We declare that resisting the Russian aggression is a national mission with which everybody must engage. We call upon the Friends of the Syrian People countries to provide political, material and military support to counter the aggression against Syria and its people. We also call upon the United Nations and all international organizations to condemn Russia’s aggression on Syria.

Long live Syria, a free country and people
Shame for all the enemies of the Syrian people

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