Russian Airstrikes on Idlib Violates UNSC Resolution 2254

Press Statement                                                     “Original in Arabic”
Syrian National Coalition
Media Office
December 21, 2015

In response to today’s Russian airstrikes on Idlib city, an official source at the Syrian Coalition said:

“The Syrian Coalition strongly condemns the Russian airstrikes on Idlib city. Earlier today, Russian warplanes hit health and public services centers as well as apartment buildings in the city center of Idlib. At an initial count, the aristrikes killed 50 civilians and wounded 170 others.

“This horrible massacre took place while Russian aircrafts hit villages and towns in rural Latakia in response to rebels’ advance on the Nouba Mountain. Northern rural Aleppo is also coming under aerial bombardment by Russian air forces where clashes with ISIS are taking place to stop ISIS from advancing on rebel-held towns in the area.

“Today’s Russian airstrikes on Syria contravened international law. They were also carried out in violation of Article 13 of the recent UN Security Council Resolution 2254; which demanded that ‘all parties immediately cease any attacks against civilians and civilian objects as such, including attacks against medical facilities and personnel, and any indiscriminate use of weapons, including through shelling and aerial bombardment.’

“The Syrian Coalition calls upon the UN Security Council to condemn the killing of Syrian civilians and take necessary measures to stop the Russian aggression on Syria and the Syrian people. The Coalition also calls upon human rights organizations to take urgent action in order stop the repeated massacres claiming the lives of women and children in Syria.”