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Sectarian Assad Militias Massacre 18 Civilians in Town of Maaraf, Rural Hama

Press Release
Syrian Coalition
Media Department
September 6, 2017

As the Assad regime’s crimes and massacres against Syrian civilians continue unabated, the past few hours saw the emergence of details of the horrible massacre pro-regime militias committed near the town of Maarzaf in the western rural Hama on Tuesday. The massacre claimed the lives of many civilians, including children and women.

Credible information indicates that Assad’s sectarian militias raided a farmland near the town and executed 18 civilians working there.

The Syrian Coalition condemns this heinous crime as it stresses that all those who planned and executed it must be brought to justice.

This crime represents a blatant example of Assad’s reign of terror, killing, repression and bullets as well as shows the Assad regime’s total disregard for the right to life. It is such a reign that the Iranian and Russian occupiers seek to keep. As the Syrian people rose up to salvage and liberate their country, they will continue with the revolution until all its goals are achieved.

The Coalition calls on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities to put an end to the ongoing crimes and massacres being perpetrated by the Assad regime and ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

The international community is obliged more than ever to enforce UN Security Council resolutions, most importantly UNSC resolution 2254 to ensure the implementation of Articles 12 and 13 and lay the groundwork for a political transition in line with the Geneva Communique of 2012. Such action is need to pave the way for the rebuilding of Syria and achieving a transition to a democratic, civilian state that meets the aspirations of all its citizens for freedom, dignity, and equality.

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