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Statement From The Syrian Coalition Presidential Committee

Media Note
The Media Office
Istanbul, Turkey
April 22, 2013

The Syrian Coalition Presidential Committee, consisting ofVice Presidents, Mr. Riad Saif, Mr. George Sabra, and Ms.Suheir Attasi, met to discuss the facts, consequences, and measures to be taken regarding the resignation of theSyrian Coalition President Mr. Mouaz Al Khatib.
The committee members recognize Mr. Al Khatib’s distinct role and tireless efforts during the past five months presiding over the Coalition. In light of Mr. Al Khatib’spositive national and international efforts, the Presidential Committee will issue a letter of gratitude and appreciation on behalf of the political establishment. Meanwhile, the Presidential Office has designated Mr. George Sabra as the Acting President of the Syrian Coalition, with the cooperation and consultation of the remaining Presidential Committee members and vice presidents.  Article XI of theStatute of the Syrian Coalition states: “Vice president(s) will assume President’s powers and responsibilities, in the case of an absence or vacancy of the president’s office.”
The attendees have decided to call for the Political Commission to convene on April 26th and 27th in Istanbul to discuss key agenda matters, which include the resignation of the Syrian Coalition President. Additionally, the attendees called for the General Assembly to convene on May 1st and 2nd.  They will take the necessary measures forthe expansion of the political outlook, the development of the relationship between the Syrian Coalition and the Interim Government, and the resignation of the SyrianCoalition President, as well as other key agenda items.
May honor come to our heroic and righteous people and martyrs, and may the Syrian Revolution be victorious.

Vice President
George Sabra
Vice President
Riad Seif
Vice President
Suheir Attasi


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