Statement on the Human Rights Watch Report

Media Statement
Syrian Coalition
Istanbul, Turkey
June 07, 2013

The report issued today by Human Rights Watch stated that over the past two years, the Assad regime has conducted interrogations and beatings of schoolchildren. Furthermore, the Assad regime is also responsible for launching attacks on peaceful protesters and attacking schools with a total disregard for the children learning inside. Regime forces are also guilty of using schools for military purposes without first evacuating the students.
The Syrian Coalition would like to draw attention to schools that it has established in liberated areas through personal and community initiatives. These schools continue to be targeted by the regime time and again, thus reducing opportunities for learning and leaving a negative impact on morale. The Syrian Coalition, and its affiliated bodies, stress that efforts must be made to continue to find successful solutions to uphold the individual’s fundamental right to a suitable education.
As the Syrian Coalition takes note of the calculated crimes committed by the regime, it reconfirms its dedication to protect the safety of schoolchildren, uphold their right to an education and shield them from any possible risk. This objective is communicated to all soldiers, officers and leaders of the Free Syrian Army.  
The Syrian Coalition denounced any conduct that fails to protect the lives of schoolchildren, tampers with their right to an education and obliterates their hope for a future.