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Syrian Coalition: Liberation of Afrin is Another Step on the Path of Freeing Syria from Tyranny & Terrorism

Press release
Syrian Coalition
Media Department
March 19, 2018

On Sunday (March18), the Syrian National Army completed the liberation of the town of Afrin, which was an important achievement as part of Operation Olive Branch aimed at liberating cities and towns of northern Syria from the control of terrorist forces and the de facto situation in cooperation with Turkey and with aerial support from the Turkish armed forces.

The liberation of Afrin is a new success of the efforts to defeat terrorism. It builds on the previous success of Operation Shield of the Euphrates which eliminated the threat of the ISIS extremist group. It also represents a further step towards the liberation of all Syrian territory from terrorism and tyranny.

The Syrian Coalition underscores that the safety and protection of civilians have been and will remain the primary goals of the operation. The operation’s success lies not only in the fact that it exclusively targeted terrorists, but also in the fact that it took utmost precaution to spare civilians and avoid causing damage to infrastructure and services facilities.

The Coalition renews its confidence in the Syrian National Army and its field commanders as well as in their ability to continue to assume their duties to liberate civilians, ensure their safety, deal with the aftermath of the military operations, and carry out demining operations. Such measures are essential to enable the local population to safely return to their homes and administer their towns and villages through local councils that will be elected under the supervision of the Syrian Interim Government. The Coalition stresses the importance of the measures taken to prevent chaos and counter attempts of outlaws to besmirch the image of the Syrian revolution and the National Free Army by the looting of civilian property. The Coalition praises the measures that have been taken to maintain security and order in Afrin.

As spring sets in coinciding with the anniversary of the start of the Syrian Revolution, the residents of Afrin and surrounding towns and villages will be able to freely celebrate the day of Newroz and live the true meaning of this special day for the first time in decades. The National Army will remain on their side and on the side of all Syrians as it will work tirelessly to protect them and help restore security and stability.

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