Syrian Coalition Visit to the US From 9/22/2013 to 10/1/2013

Press Release
Syrian Coalition
New York, USA 
September 22, 2013

The National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces announces the arrival of Coalition delegation to New York on the occasion of the United Nations General Assembly meetings. The delegation includes:

  1. President Ahmad al-Jarba
  2. Vice President Salem Meslet
  3. President of the Press Office Khalid Saleh
  4. Coalition Spokesperson Dr. Louay Safi
  5. Representative to the US and the UN Dr. Najib Ghadbian
  6. Ambassador to France Munzer Makhous
  7. Michelle Killo
  8. Dr. Burhan Ghalioun
  9. Mona Moustafa
  10. Tawfik Dunia

The official spokesperson for the delegation is Khalid Saleh, President of the Syrian Coalition Press Office.

Please send media requests to Bayan Khatib:
[email protected]