Saturday, 21 March 2020 13:12

Syrian Mothers are Secret of Revolution’s Resilience & Real Hope of Victory

Press release
Syrian Opposition Coalition - Syria
Department of Media and Communications
March 21, 2020

On behalf of the Syrian people, the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) extends its sincere appreciation to the Syrian mothers, who, in addition to the responsibilities of motherhood, have borne heavy burdens over the past nine years of the revolution, going through the most difficult circumstances and making tremendous sacrifices.

As we mark Mother's Day, hundreds of thousands of Syrian mothers have been bereaved having lost their loved ones at the hands of the Assad regime, Russia, and Iran.

On Mother's Day, tens of thousands of Syrian mothers do not sleep, waiting for their loved ones who are in the tyrant's prisons and of whom nothing has been heard for months and years.

Today thousands of Syrian mothers are still behind bars. Millions are suffering displacement, tens of thousands live out in the open and in tents to escape the Assad regime and its allies’ crimes. Many Syrian mothers have become the sole breadwinners for their families and children in these difficult times. However, they continue to assume their noble role and providing an irreplaceable refuge in the most difficult of circumstances.

The Syrian mothers will remain the greatest in this revolution as the source of emancipation and the leaders of the battle against tyranny, in view of their tremendous sacrifices, unspeakable suffering, and infinite patience.

The resilience of our great mothers, who are showing infinite patience, and who have always been in the first ranks in the struggles and encouragement to move forward on the path of dignity, freedom, pride and independence, still gives us hope for victory.

We wish our mothers all the best on this day, hoping that this day will mark the end of this dark chapter and usher in a new era.

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