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Saturday, 11 January 2020 20:25

We Stress Importance of Abiding by Ceasefire & Ending Attacks on Civilians

Press release
Syrian National Coalition - Syria
Department of Media and Communications
January 11, 2020

The Syrian National Coalition reaffirms that establishing a nationwide ceasefire is the basis for the implementation of international resolutions on Syria, most notably the Geneva Communique of 2012 and UN Security Council Resolution 2254. We stress the need to abide by the ceasefire agreement reached by Turkey and Russia.

We hope that this agreement will allow the civilian population to return to their homes and the medical facilities to treat the wounded. We also hope that the agreement will make it possible for international relief organizations to deliver humanitarian aid to those in need as quickly as possible.

Since the early morning hours of Saturday, local activists have counted many airstrikes and violent shelling on civilians in Idlib. We believe that this behavior does not suggest that the Assad regime and its backers will abide by the ceasefire agreement, especially as past experiences showed that the regime does not honor its promises nor did it commit to any decision that would pacify the situation in Syria.

We stress the necessity of stopping the regime’s and its allies’ crimes against civilians in Idlib as we call on the international community to make all possible efforts to consolidate the ceasefire so as it becomes the first step in the way to reach a nationwide ceasefire agreement. Such move is essential to building confidence in the political process leading to a political solution that meets the aspirations of our people for freedom and dignity.

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