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Medium Term Goals of the Assistance Coordination Unit

  • Guarantee effective coordination of the delivery of international assistance to all appropriate locations in need of emergency aid.
  • Work with donor nations to increase the amount of assistance delivered to Syria while coordinating the delivery in a secure fashion to appropriate groups and not to groups who will use the assistance to achieve political goals.
  • Deliver humanitarian and other assistance in large quantities to Local Coordination Councils and relief committees in the field to help them manage citizens and cities who are in dire need of assistance.
  • Create an effective distribution network in the field to deliver assistance through establishment of an information management unit that guarantees the delivery of assistance from the Assistance Coordination Unit, Coalition offices, and other participating countries.

As the situation develops in the country, the Assistance Coordination Unit is positioned to expand services and further develop the Coalition’s credibility and presence inside Syria at the same time. With its focus on increasing targeted assistance to families in need, the ACU has delivered assistance to more than 4,000,000 Syrian citizens. The ACU hopes to help millions more.