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Final Communique of 49th Meeting of Syrian Coalition’s General Assembly

Syrian National Coalition
General Assembly
January 21, 2020

The Syrian National Coalition opened the 49th meeting of the General Assembly which convened on 18-19 January 2020 by observing a minute of silence for the fallen heroes of the Syrian revolution. 

President of the Coalition, Anas al-Abda, delivered the opening speech in which he saluted our patient, steadfast people in Idlib for the generosity, courage, steadfastness, resilience, and resistance they are showing as they are facing, along with the Syrian National Army, a fierce, systematic bombing campaign being carried out by Russia and the murderous regime. The bombing campaign is mainly targeting civilians and vital infrastructure with the aim of emptying those areas of their residents and forcing them out of their homes amid harsh winter conditions and the international community’s failure to assume its humanitarian, relief role.

President Al-Abda said that there is no change in the Russian strategy aimed at subjecting all areas to the regime’s control through the scorched earth policy. Russia is also reinforcing the approach of the regime which insists on pursuing a military solution. The regime bears full responsibility for the growing economic crisis and the suffering of Syrian civilians resulting from the skyrocketing prices and the collapse of the Syrian pound and its impact on the life of the ordinary civilians and on the deteriorating situation of the regime which will inevitably prompt Syrians to rise up against this dire situation.

The regime’s brutal onslaught on Idlib, its violation of all truce and ceasefire agreements, and its opening of multiple battlefronts against the liberated areas have been the subject of long discussion by members of the Coalition. The Coalition members reaffirmed the Syrian people’s choice of resistance by all means. These include working behind enemy lines, strengthening the relationship with the revolution’s social base, and emphasizing the importance of the unification of ranks at the military and political levels, and increasing the interaction with the Syrian people wherever they were.

Secretary-General of the Coalition and Deputy Head of the Supreme Hajj Committee, Abdul Basit Abdul Latif, presented a detailed report on his recent visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the signing of the Hajj policy for the upcoming season. Abdul Latif conveyed the thanks of the Syrian people to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its efforts in supporting the Syrian pilgrims and its continued success in managing the Hajj seasons in general. He also gave an overview on the work of the Supreme Hajj Committee, its preparations and its follow-up to on the outcome of technical meetings organized by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. He also talked about the preparations and plans for the grouping of the pilgrims as well as the Ministry’s efforts to meet the established standards so as to ensure the safety of the Syrian pilgrims and making the Hajj season a success.

Members of the Assembly also held expanded meetings in the presence of Head and members of the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) to discuss SIG’s work conditions and achievements, especially with regards to the progress in forming the Syrian National Army as a professional army carrying out its national duties. They also discussed the efforts to form police and security forces to maintain the security of the citizens and protect their basic rights. Moreover, they discussed the efforts to activate the regular law courts while consolidating the neutrality and independence of the judiciary, revitalizing the work of local councils, and completing the election of their members. Participants also talked about the need to step up efforts to develop the agriculture and industry sectors, manage the border crossings, support the areas of education, health, and other vital areas that SIG is working on in spite of the difficult conditions and scarcity of resources.

The General Assembly also listened to a briefing on the developments in the political process and the Syrian Negotiations Commission. The General Assembly emphasized the message of the political body that outlined the Coalition's position and its observations regarding the special conference held by the independent figures. They emphasized the need to continue the dialogue with the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the relevant parties in order to reach the best forms of understanding that strengthens mutual relations and the course of political negotiations and the Coalition’s role in them.

The General Assembly also discussed the communications and meetings that took place between the Coalition’s leadership and Arab as well as Turkish officials and other countries. They reviewed the remarkable positive developments, especially as the regional developments with its multiple implications and possibilities reinforce the importance of coordination and joint work in various areas and supporting the political process in Syria by ratcheting up pressure on the murderous regime to force it to respond to the decisions of the international legitimacy and to resume the political process.

Furthermore, the General Assembly discussed the reports of the Department of External Relations and the report of the National Committee for the Affairs of Detainees and Missing Persons. It discussed the achievements and the meetings that took place with regards to these issues, especially as the issue of detainees remains one of the Coalition's top priorities. The Office of Trade Unions also submitted a detailed report on the activities of the Syrian Olympic Committee, while the Strategic Consulting Office submitted a report on its activities in the past two months.

The General Assembly sends our Syrian people wherever they are, those who are at home, the IDP, and refugees the best regards as it bows in front of their steadfastness and their determination to regain their basic rights to establish a civil, pluralistic, democratic system of rule to replace the tyrannical regime.

The General Assembly also salutes the heroic people of Iraq, the brotherly people of Lebanon and all the Arab peoples who are struggling to regain their rights to establish democratic systems of rule that ensure basic freedoms, put them on the path of overcoming internal crises, and get rid of the obstacles to development and independence.

May our wounded recover, our detainees be free, and our fallen heroes rest in peace.

May the Syrian revolution emerge victorious.

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