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Syria the Greatest Tragedy of Mass Displacement in Present Day

Press Release
The Syrian Coalition - Syria
Department of Media and Communications
June 20, 2019


The murderous Assad regime has caused an absolute tragedy in Syria, some aspects of which are manifested in the situation of the Syrian refugees who live in extremely tragic conditions as a result of the actions of the Assad regime and having to escape the hell of its bloody tactics.

Despite some international attempts to address this crisis and the generous efforts by the majority of the host countries, the refugee crisis has exposed the failure of the international community to uphold the International Law and to enforce the UN Security Council and UN General Assembly resolutions. This failure has had dire consequences for the Syrian conflict and the refugee crisis.

As the Assad regime’s military escalation continues, the humanitarian situation of the refugees is worsening. Hardships being faced by the Syrian refugees in the host countries are also worsening, especially in Lebanon whose institutions are not showing any respect for the rights of refugees or the international norms and conventions on refugees.

Moreover, IDPs in the regime-held areas are being subjected to various forms of violations and intimidation, such as arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, and torture in accordance with criminal policies based on violence, pillage, and the unlawful appropriation of citizens' property.

It is estimated that seven million Syrians fled the country, while credible information indicate that the number could be higher. Of those officially registered as refugees, 3.6 million live in Turkey, 944,000 in Lebanon, 676,000 in Jordan, 250,000 in Iraq. Germany and Sudan host more than half a million each, while Sweden hosts over 100,000. Tens of thousands more are distributed in many other countries around the world.

Taking the various reports on the situation of the Syrian refugees and the internally displaced persons, the Syrian Coalition warns of the grave dangers threatening the Syrian refugees, especially those beinbg forced to return to Syria under various forms of pressure. The forceful return of refugees in the current conditions pose immense risks to their lives.

The Coalition reiterates the need to respect international laws and conventions on the protection of refugees; prevent violations against them; and hold accountable those involved in the incitement of hatred against them and in violating their legitimate rights.

On the World Refugee Day, the international community continues to idly watch the disaster that has been unfolding for the past eight years while failing to carry out its pledges to abide by the laws on refugees and their rights. Therefore, the Syrian Coalition demands that the world honor the enormous sacrifices being made by the Syrian people. It also stresses the need to firmly resist the plans of the regime and its allies who are seeking to create a new humanitarian disaster in northwestern Syria and displace hundreds of thousands of civilians living there.

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