Wednesday, 02 March 2016 20:02

143 Regime Violations of Truce Documented since Announcement on Saturday

A total of 143 Russian and Assad regime breaches of the truce have been recorded since the truce took effect on Saturday.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights said it had documented 44 truce violations on the third day of the truce. In a report issued Tuesday, the Syrian Network for Human Rights said that regime forces were responsible for 20 violations in the form of continued military operations. The network said it recorded 17 more breaches in the form of arrests carried out by the Assad regime.

The Syrian Coalition’s Media Office earlier today said it had recorded 44 truce violations by regime forces on Tuesday, adding that 31 people were killed in these violations which took place in Damascus, Dara’a, Homs, Hama, Idlib, Latakia and Aleppo.

A total of 73 civilians have been killed in Russian and regime attacks since the truce was announced on Saturday.

The Syrian Coalition renewed calls on the UN Security Council to respond to those violations, emphasizing that rebel groups were still committed to the truce.

Secretary of the political committee Anas al-Abdah said that these deliberate violations of the truce by Russian and regime forces are designed to undermine efforts aimed at reaching a political solution. He stressed that the Assad regime must not be allowed to undermine international efforts and continue to violate UN Security Council resolution 2254.

Abdah urged sponsors of the truce agreement to intervene to enforce the truce and put pressure on the Assad regime to adhere to international resolutions. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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