Friday, 19 July 2019 21:47

Al-Baba Local Council Holds Event to Support Rebel Fighters in Hama & Idlib Battlefronts

The local council in the town of Al-Bab in northern rural Aleppo organized an event to demonstrate support for the rebel fighters in the areas being bombed by the Assad regime and Russian forces in northwestern Syria. The event brought together symbols of the revolution as well as representatives of the rebel groups and civil society organizations.

The event was held under the title "Popular Festival to Support the Rebel Fighters on the Hama and Idlib Battlefronts. It included a variety of activities, including the recitation of revolutionary poems and speeches reaffirming support for the rebel fighters on the battlefronts.

Participants in the event stressed the need for the Free Syrian Army groups to unite so as to better confront the Assad regime’s and its allies’ brutal military machine. They also chanted the first slogan of the revolution ‘the people want to overthrow the regime.’

The participants also stressed the importance of solidarity among the Syrian people, especially in the current circumstances. They also emphasized the importance of cohesion between civilians and rebel fighters.

The participants included some of those who were displaced form southern Syria. They said that the event has a dual goal. The first is to show the support of the displaced people and the local population in the liberated areas for those defending the dignity of the Syrian people. The second goal is to convey what is happening on the battlefronts and the heroic resistance being shown by the rebel fighters to the displaced people and residents of the of Shield of the Euphrates area.

The Assad regime, with massive Russian aerial support, has unleashed a ferocious military campaign against southern rural Idlib and northern rural Hama since April 26, killing hundreds of civilians and the fording hundreds of thousands more to flee their homes. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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