Tuesday, 10 February 2015 18:42

Assad Burns Douma While the World Watches

As part of his scorched land policy against rebellious cities and towns, Assad apparently decided to wipe the district of Douma in Damascus suburbs off the map using all weapons at his disposal. Over 100 civilians were killed and hundreds injured in a series of brutal attacks on the rebel-held district.

Twenty-three people at least were killed and dozens wounded as a result of the Assad regime’s fierce bombing on Douma, while activists published videos showing the aftermath of mortar and rocket shelling on a popular market and a medical center. A number of people were also killed in aerial shelling on the residential neighborhoods.

Medical sources said that field hospital has received more than 100 injuries since Monday morning, amid severe shortage of medical supplies and life-saving materials.

Appalled by the Assad regime’s unleashing of its merciless terror on Eastern Ghouta, the Syrian Coalition calls on the international community to intervene immediately to stop Assad’s brutal air raids on civilians. Spokesman for the Syrian Coalition, Salem al-Meslet, slams world silence on Assad’s scorched earth policy against opposition-held areas. Meslet points out that “the carnage being carried out by the Assad regime against residents of Eastern Ghouta adds to its litany of horrible crimes and vengeful attacks against the Syrian people. Meslet stresses that these wholesale killings once again raise the need to impose safe protected havens in northern and southern Syria, and to provide full and immediate support for the FSA so it can protect civilians and defend against the Assad air force. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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