Friday, 05 October 2018 22:04

Assad Regime Rounds Up Young Men in Damascus & Homs Provinces for Forced Recruitment

The Assad regime’s security forces raided civilian homes, shops, and public markets in southern rural Damascus and northern rural Homs, rounding up dozens of young men to forcibly recruit them in the military forces.

Local activists said that the Assad regime’s Military Security carried out an arrest campaign in the towns and villages of Rural Damascus countryside, some of which are covered by the forced settlement agreements that were reached between the local population and the Assad regime. Regime forces detained six civilians in the town of Qudsaya and four others in the town of Al-Hama. All the detainees aged between 28 and 45 years old.

The Assad regime forces also erected temporary checkpoints in public squares in the town of Jaramana near Damascus with the aim of detaining young people for reserve military service.

Meanwhile, the Assad regime’s security services on Wednesday informed teachers in schools in northern rural Homs to check with the recruitment branch in the province to join the reserve service.

The security services told the school administrations that “if those who were informed of the order to join the reserve forces fail to check with the recruitment branch within one month, they will be subject to the penalties prescribed by the law."

The Assad regime's penalties include dismissal from job and subjecting the draft dodgers to military trial. Mobilization notices were issued for military-aged teachers in the provinces of Suwaida, Hama, Homs, Rural Damascus, Hasaka, Lattakia Tartous, and Aleppo.

On Tuesday, the Assad regime forces detained dozens of young men in the town of Al-Ruheiba east of Damascus for forced recruitment who had previously had their status resettled with the regime.

In September, the Assad regime issued a circular threatening it would dismiss 185 teachers from their jobs in various Syrian provinces if they fail to join the Assad regime’s forces in the war they have waged against the Syrian people since March 2011. (Source: Syrian Coalitions’ Media Department)

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