Thursday, 28 September 2017 18:31

Assad Regime & Russian Airstrikes Knock Out Health Facilities Across Syria

Airstrikes by the Assad regime and Russian air forces against health facilities continued unabated. The strikes have put many facilities out of service, including the only remaining health center in the village of Bisheriya west of the city of Idlib and the only center for the rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injuries in the town of Douma in eastern Ghouta.

Director of the Bisheriya center Bashar Rashwani told Smart News Agency that suspected Russian airstrikes hit the village on Wednesday, adding that one of the airstrikes directly targeted the center. He noted that the bombing destroyed 40 percent of the facility without causing casualties.

Director of the specialized rehabilitation center in Douma Khalid Abu Ali said that the airstrikes that targeted the center on Tuesday killed head of the Department of Scientific Qualification while causing critical head injuries to a member of the medical staff.

Abu Ali pointed out that the center, the first of its kind in Syria, used to treat and rehabilitate people suffering from paralysis and help them cope with their injuries.

The Syrian Coalition earlier accused the Assad regime and Russia of committing war crimes by deliberately targeting vital civilian facilities. The continued Assad regime and Russian aerial campaign has resulted in the destruction of many health centers and the killing and injuring of hundreds of civilians and FSA fighters.

The Coalition called on the international community to put an immediate end to “the ongoing criminal air raids” being carried out by the Russian invaders and Assad regime warplanes on civilian areas, hospitals, relief groups and the civil defense centers in Idlib and the surrounding and towns and villages. The Coalition stressed the need to hold those responsible for these crimes to account. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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