Monday, 05 August 2019 09:27

Civil Defense Announces Death Toll of Assad & Russia’s Shelling on Idlib

The Syrian Civil Defense in Idlib on Saturday issued a report detailing the civilian casualties and targeted locations in July, highlighting the deliberate shelling of civilians and vital civilian areas by the Assad regime and Russia.

According to the report, the bombings and shelling killed at least 343 people in July, including 195 men, 83 children and 61 women as well as four Civil Defense volunteers.

The shelling also injured 860 civilians, including 529 men, 195 children, 128 women and eight Civil Defense volunteers.

According to the rescue group, the Assad regime and Russia fired no fewer than 2,428 rockets and carried out at least 2,264 airstrikes in Idlib province and northern rural Hama. They also fired 5,165 artillery shells, 135 incendiary bombs, 141 cluster bombs, 398 barrel bombs, and 88 naval mines dropped by helicopters.

The rescue group said that the targets of the bombings and shelling included 1,137 civilian homes, 28 schools, 13 public roads, three civil defense centers, 10 mosques, three hospitals and 379 farms.

The bombing campaign forced more than 700,000 civilians from their homes during the reporting period, the group added.

In its latest report on the military operations on Syria’s northwest, the Syrian Network for Human Rights said that it recorded at least 33 massacres by the Assad regime and Russia in July.

The Network said that the Assad regime and Russia violated the international humanitarian law and UN Security Council resolutions. It demanded the referral of Syria to the International Criminal Court and that all those involved, including the Russian regime, be held accountable for war crimes. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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