Monday, 08 May 2017 19:48

Crimes by Regime Forces & Allies Continue Unabated despite ‘De-escalation Zones’ Agreement

Bombardment and military operations by regime forces backed by Iranian militias and the Russian air force continue unabated in many rebel-held areas across Syria. The Russian air force carried out a horrific massacre in eastern rural Aleppo claiming the lives of 12 civilians on Sunday, while the Assad regime militias forced a deal on residents of the district of Barzah in Damascus whereby they would be displaced from their homes.

Activists in eastern rural Aleppo said that 12 civilians were killed and dozens more were injured in Russian air strikes on the village of Kannaweya near the town of Maskana on Sunday. Three more civilians were killed, including a child, in an explosion of a landmine left by the ISIS extremist group in the village of Jibla Hamra near the town of Albab in northeastern rural Aleppo.

Meanwhile, relentless bombardment on villages and towns in northern rural Hama by regime forces continues with a barrage of rockets, artillery, and barrel bombs hitting the towns of Lataminah and Zallaqiyat.

The Assad regime forces began a new displacement operation against local population in the Damascus suburbs. Residents of the district of Barzah in eastern Damascus will be displaced to Idlib in the wake of a fierce military campaign by regime forces and the Iranian-backed militias on the rebel-held district that began in February.

Activists said that residents of the district will be transferred to Idlib province in batches in a deal similar to those the Assad regime previously forced on residents of Alwaer district in Homs, the district of Darya near Damascus and a number of other areas across Syria. The activists said the deal was sponsored by Russia. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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