Saturday, 11 November 2017 16:32

Demonstration in Nawa, Rural Dara’a in Solidarity with Besieged Eastern Ghouta

Demonstrators on Friday took to the streets of the town of Nawa in rural Dara’a to express solidarity with the people of eastern Ghouta which has been subjected to years-long siege by the Assad regime forces and their allied sectarian militias.

Demonstrators held signs calling for the lifting of the siege of eastern Ghouta, including: ‘Save eastern Ghouta!’, ‘our demands are one,’ and ‘eastern Ghouta is in our hearts.’

Participants in the demonstration included activists, members of the Syrian Interim Government’s Ministry of Local Administration, and FSA fighters.

Minister of Local Administration, Mohamed Al-Muthayb, delivered a speech on behalf of the Syrian Interim Government in which he called upon the international community and the United Nations to take immediate action to lift the siege of eastern Ghouta and deliver humanitarian aid to civilians trapped inside.

Medical workers had earlier warned of a humanitarian disaster affecting hundreds of cancer patients in eastern Ghouta should medicine is not allowed in in the next few weeks.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights said that least 350,000 civilians are still trapped in eastern Ghouta despite the signing off on a ‘de-escalation zone’ agreement under Russian sponsorship.

The Network called upon the UN Security Council to enforce the resolutions on the issue of humanitarian aid, namely resolutions 2139, 2165, 2191, 2254 and 2258. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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