Tuesday, 13 February 2018 20:23

FSA Announces Rural Idlib Officially Cleansed of ISIS Militants

The Free Syrian Army announced the end of the ISIS extremist group in rural Idlib after dozens of ISIS militants officially surrendered themselves to the FSA and rebel groups in on Tuesday.

Baladi News Network quoted an FSA commander as saying that “around 350 ISIS elements surrendered to the FSA, including 80 who were wounded as well as women and children."

In a statement on Tuesday, the Free Syrian Army confirmed the existence of contacts and cooperation between ISIS elements and the Assad regime. “Investigations will reveal to the world the facts about the existence of cooperation and coordination between the Assad regime the ISIS extremist group.”

“In return for surrendering their positions in eastern rural Hama to the Assad regime, ISIS elements were allowed passage to the liberated areas in the town of Al-Khwain to support the regime in the fight against the FSA groups," said the statement. It noted that the FSA and rebel fighters repelled ISIS militants and forced them to surrender.

“The surrender of ISIS elements came after violent clashes with the FSA groups in the town of Al-Khwain in southern rural Idlib, which lasted for several days resulting in the death and the injury of dozens of ISIS militants.”

The FSA and rebel groups stressed that "the prisoners will be dealt with according to the requirements of justice, law and security necessities." They urged "the international community to hold the murderous Assad regime accountable for its role in the sponsoring and supporting various forms of terrorism to use them in many locations thus justifying its crimes against the Syrian people." (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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