Thursday, 13 July 2017 20:15

FSA Regains Ground from Assad Regime in Syrian Desert

The Free Syrian Army groups announced they have recaptured a number of positions they had lost to the Assad regime forces and their allied foreign militias in the Syrian Desert over the past few days. The area is witnessing fierce clashes between the FSA groups and regime forces backed by Iranian militias.

Omar Dimashqi, member of the media office of the Ahmed Abdo FSA group, on Wednesday told Smart News Network that fighters of the group pushed regime forces and their allied foreign militias out of Bier Mahroutha in eastern Qalamoun in Rural Damascus.

Dimashqi said the FSA counterattack is part of the “Land is Ours” offensive the FSA groups launched in the area earlier this month. He pointed out that around 60 pro-regime militants, including two Iranians, were killed in the FSA counterattack. Six tanks and many four-wheel vehicles belonging to regime forces were also destroyed. Dimashqi noted that two FSA fighters were killed and a few others injured.

The Hezbollah Militia, the Iraqi Fatimiyoun Brigade, and other Iraqi militias lead by Iranian officers are all fighting alongside Assad forces under close aerial support from the Russian air force, Dimashqi added.

Dimashqi went on to say that the Assad regime brought in new reinforcements to the area through the Khalkhala airbase in rural Sweidaa’ and the Belli airbase in Rural Damascus. He added that regime forces also brought in around 60 tanks, 150 heavy vehicles such as armored vehicles, bulldozers, and four-wheel drives. Around 3,000 militants from different nationalities also arrived in the area.

The FSA groups on Tuesday said they have made gains against regime forces in the Syrian Desert, adding they have killed and injured dozens of pro-regime militants. The Osoud Sharqiya FSA group announced they have damaged a helicopter near Alseen airbase in rural Damascus.

The FSA groups also said they have recaptured the ​​Umm Ramim area from regime forces, adding that they have destroyed two tanks and a bulldozer belonging to regime forces. At least 35 pro-regime militants have been killed in the FSA counterattack in the area.

The FSA groups control large swathes of the Syrian Desert east of Sweidaa’ province. The Assad regime forces in recent weeks launched a large-scale operation to capture the area with the support of Russian air force. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department + Smart News Network)

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