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Wednesday, 04 May 2016 17:32

FSA Sources in Aleppo Confirm Regime Responsible for Targeting Al-Dabbit Hospital

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups in Aleppo said that regime forces were behind the blast outside the Dabbit Hospital located in the regime-held parts of Aleppo, calling for the UN to investigate the incident as well as to investigate the attack on Al-Quds Hospital which was earlier bombed by regime jets.

A statement by the FSA groups on Tuesday said that regime forces orchestrated the blast that targeted the Dabbit Hospital in the western side of Aleppo to blame the FSA and to cover up the regime’s ongoing massacres in Aleppo.

The statement denied responsibility for the attack, stressing that the location of the hospital and the distribution of front lines clearly show that the FSA groups could not launch such an attack.

The Assad regime’s media outlets accused the FSA of hitting the hospital building with rockets, while all indicators show the hospital was targeted by a car bomb.

The statement went on to say that the FSA’s task has always been to protect civilians from attacks by the murderous Assad regime, stressing that the FSA takes full precautions to avoid causing casualties among civilians. It added that the FSA will seek to hold to account whomever causes any harm to civilians. (Source: Smart News Agency)