Monday, 04 August 2014 10:06

Interim Ministry of Health to Build Underground Hospital

Adnan Hazzouri, interim Minister of Health said that “the Ministry is working on the establishment of an underground hospital in cooperation with the cadres of the Department of Health and the provincial councils. The goal is to protect medical staffs against Assad’s constant and systematic targeting of hospitals and medical centers in the rebel-held areas, the last of which occurred in Al Marj in East Ghouta when Assad’s warplanes one of the medical centers on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, killing doctors Yasser Al Jibawi Noor Al Ja’adani in violation of all international conventions and norms which calls for neutralizing medical staffs during wartime." Hazzouri added that the Assad regime has been brutally torturing detainees who admitted giving medical help to anti-regime protesters and rebel fighters. Many doctors and workers in the medical field have died under torture in Assad’s jails, while many others are feared they will face the same bleak fate.” He also said that “the Ministry has been working extensively on repairing the damage caused by Assad’s bombing of hospitals and medical centers although our capabilities are limited and simple. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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