Monday, 12 November 2018 17:29

Many Civilians Injured in Continued Regime Artillery Shelling on Rural Idlib

Many civilians were injured in continued heavy artillery shelling by the Assad regime forces on southern and eastern rural Idlib. The Syrian Coalition said that the continued violations were an attempt by the Assad regime and the Iranian terrorist militias to sabotage the Idlib agreement.

A child was also moderately injured in an explosion of a cluster bomb in the village of Suha in eastern rural Hama. The bomblet was a remnant of an Assad regime airstrike on the town.

The Assad regime forces also carried out rocket shelling on the towns of Kafar Hmara and Mount Shweihna in northern rural Aleppo and the Al-Rashidin neighborhood in western rural Aleppo, without reports of casualties.

In northern rural Hama, the Assad regime forces shelled the towns of Morek, Al-Latamina, Al-Janabra, Al-Buwaida, Tal Al-Sakhr, Al-Jisat and ​​Atshan with heavy artillery and machine guns, without reports of casualties.

The Assad regime, meanwhile, detained Suleiman Qadda, former commander of the Dara’a-based FSA’s Fallujat Houran Brigade. Qaddah was detained in Damascus. Regime forces also detained civilians who have recently returned to the town of Buqrus in eastern rural Deir Ezzor.

The Syrian Coalition called on Russia to shoulder its responsibility with regards to the Assad regime’s repeated violations of the Idlib agreement, especially the artillery and aerial bombardment and ground attacks on the demilitarized zone.

The Coalition reaffirmed the importance of the Idlib agreement as it stressed the need to protect it. It said that guarantors of the agreement needed to prevent it from being used as a means to commit more crimes and thus disrupting the political solution. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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