Monitor: Russia & Assad Regime Bombed Over 600 Vital Civilian Centers Since April 2019

The Emergency Response Coordinators Team said that the air forces of the Russian occupation and the Assad regime have targeted no fewer than 612 vital civilian centers in northwestern Syria since April 2019.

According to figures the Team published on Friday, the targeted centers included 36 IDP camps and accommodation centers, 170 educational facilities, 83 medical facilities, 29 bakeries, 33 popular markets, 20 civilian defense centers, 98 services facilities, 131 places of worship, and 14 ambulances.

The Team pointed out that many of the targeted centers were covered by the de-conflicting mechanism the United Nations has established to prevent the targeting of vital civilian centers and infrastructure during military operations.

The Syrian National Coalition on Thursday said that the “Russians would not have continued to deliberately target hospitals, medical centers, schools, and residential neighborhoods and to commit all types of war crimes and violations had the stances of friendly states been translated into actions that included deterrence of the criminals and holding perpetrators accountable.” (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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