Saturday, 16 November 2019 18:14

Popular Uprising Resurges in Dara’a, Birthplace of Syrian Revolution

Anti-regime demonstrations resurged once again in different parts of Dara’a province, the birthplace of the Syrian revolution. Demonstrators demanded the release of detainees, the withdrawal of Iranian militias from southern Syria, and an end to the harassment of the people of the province.

Despite the Assad regime’s tightening of its grip on the province, dozens of people gathered in Al-Balad neighborhood in the city of Dara’a after the Friday congregational prayers.

The demonstrators chanted slogans condemning the Hezbollah and Iranian militias and held signs that read ‘I want my detained father, mother and brother,’ ‘freedom for the detainees,’ and ‘get Iran and Hezbollah out!’ They also demanded the overthrow of the regime.

A similar demonstration took place in the town of Sahm al-Golan in western rural Dara’a, with protestors demanding the withdrawal of the Iranian militias from the province and the immediate release of detainees in the prisons of the Assad regime.

Anti-regime graffiti was also scrawled on the walls in the town of al-Karak al-Sharqi and the town of al-Ghariya al-Sharqiya east of Dara’a vowing to force Iran and Hezbollah from the province and demanding the release of detainees. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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