Monday, 27 April 2015 22:18

Rebels Set Up Aleppo Operations Room

Several rebel factions in Aleppo announced the formation of a joint operations room named Conquering Aleppo Operations room, with the aim of taking control the entire city following the latest rebel gains in Idlib and their cutting of the regime’s supply routes coming through to Aleppo.

Rebels blew up several buildings commandeered by regime forces in the neighborhood of Al-Jadida, killing dozens of them. They then advanced in the area, destroying regime defenses and killing and injuring many pro-regime militiamen.

Meanwhile, the Conquest Army announced its full control over the Qarmid camp in rural Idlib following the capture of last checkpoints surrounding the base. They captured tanks, and large amount of arms and ammunition.

Rebels also continue to comb the recently captured town of Jisr al-Shughour, reportedly taking 30 pro-regime militants captives who were hiding in the town’s National Hospital. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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