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Friday, 24 October 2014 12:19

Report: 5,000 Syrian Civilians Killed by Assad’s Snipers

The Syrian Network for Human Rights said that it had documented 5,307 civilians shot by snipers of the Assad regime and Hezbollah militias since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution. “The Assad regime used snipers to target peaceful demonstrators in the early months of the revolution, while they are currently used to target civilians in the FSA-held areas, to impose curfews, and to block specific streets,” the group said. It also said that signs and placards can be widely seen in the liberated areas to warn civilians of the regime’s snipers. “The sniping of civilians is tantamount to summary execution as the regime’s snipers stalk the victims, shooting them deliberately without discriminating between, a child, a woman or even the elderly.” (Source: Syrian Coalition)