Monday, 26 November 2018 17:44

Residents of Idlib Protest Against Assad Regime’s Targeting of Schoolchildren

The Ministry of Education in the Syrian Interim Government condemned the Assad regime’s shelling of the town of Jarjanaz in rural Idlib while schoolchildren were leaving their school. Many children were killed and injured in the rocket shelling.

In a statement on Sunday, the Ministry called on the international organizations, especially the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to assume their responsibilities with regards to these crimes. It called on the Turkish government to protect the areas covered by the “de-escalation zones agreement” and protect the lives of civilians and children so that they can continue to receive education.

Protests were held in rural Idlib on Sunday to condemn the Assad regime’s attack on Jarjanaz on Sunday. Educational staff in the town of Hazra north of Idlib and the town of Al-Barra in southern rural Idlib gathered to protest against the massacre.

Organizers of the protests said their goal was to teach children the importance of being one hand and to insist on achieving their goals and not to succumb to the difficulties created by the regime and its allies.

Organizers of the sit-in protest in the town of Yawda in rural Idlib said that they wanted to send a message to the international community to assume its responsibilities and humanitarian duty towards innocent students and civilians. They stressed that the educational process will continue despite the Assad regime’s deliberate targeting of vital civilian facilities.

The Assad regime forces have stepped up artillery and rocket shelling on the province of Idlib in recent weeks, causing heavy civilian casualties and extensive destruction to the infrastructure. The Assad regime is seeking to disrupt civilian life by targeting public institutions and educational facilities in particular. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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