Wednesday, 03 December 2014 09:49

Rights Group Documents 31 Massacres Committed by Pro-Assad Forces in November

The human rights office of the Local Coordination Committees said that it had documented 31 massacres committed by pro-Assad forces and its allied militias in November, distributed as follows: Eight in Dara’a, five in each of Aleppo and Al Raqqa, four in Damascus, three in each of Homs and Idlib, and one in each of Deir Ezzor, Hama and Al Hasaka. The biggest of these massacres was recorded in Al Raqqa, where 221 civilians were killed in eight air strikes launched by Assad’s air force, while 20 children were killed in barrel bomb attacks on a school in rural Al Hasaka. Nasr al-Hariri, Secretary General of the Syrian Coalition, decries the silence of the US-led anti-ISIS coalition over Al Raqqa massacre in which dozens of civilians were killed by Assad’s air force. “The world chose to remain silent over one of Assad’s most horrible massacres, committed not only against the people of Al Raqqa, but against all humanity. Over 130 civilians were killed and hundreds wounded when Assad’s air force carried out nine air raids on the city. The US-led coalition's lack of clear and coherent strategy on Syria would risks throwing many disappointed Syrians in the arms of extremist groups, not out of conviction of their fanatic principles, but out of the growing frustration over the failure of the international community to offer them a better alternative. Hariri also said that, “it is strange how the US-led coalition’s warplanes rushed to punish the criminals who killed the US journalist James Foley but insists on ignoring Assad’s warplanes have killed thousands of children and women. The basic principle in the charters of Human Rights is that punishment is based on the type and characterization of the crime, not on the nature of the offender. The Syrians will not accept this duality that has so far characterized the strategy of the US-led coalition which is avenging the killing of Western citizens but turn a blind eye to the killing of hundreds of thousands Syrians at the hands of the Assad regime. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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