Wednesday, 13 March 2019 17:59

Rights Group Highlights Assad Regime’s Grave Violations against Humanitarian Sector

The Syrian Network for Human Rights said that the Assad regime and Russia have killed about 1,000 humanitarian workers over the past eight years and called for the launch of an international investigation into these crimes.

In a new report, the Network highlighted the most serious violations against humanitarian workers in Syria over the past eight years. It noted that the regime killed 872 workers, accounting for 78 percent of the total number of victims numbering around of 1,109.

The Network said that the Russian forces killed 91 aid workers, while hardline militant groups killed 52 others. It also said that the international coalition forces killed 13 aid workers, while the PYD militia killed nine others. About 42 others were killed in attacks that the Network said untraceable.

The monitoring group went on to say that 3,984 humanitarian workers are still detained or forcibly disappeared, 96% of whom in the prisons of the regime.

The Network said that it had recorded no fewer than 1,463 attacks on vital civilian centers, mostly by the Assad regime and Russian forces and the Iranian terrorist militias.

The targeting of vital humanitarian centers and aid workers constituted violation of international humanitarian law and UN Security Council Resolution 2286 calling for an end to violations and abuses against medical and humanitarian workers.

The Network called on the international community to launch an international investigation into these violations in Syria and hold those responsible to account. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department + Agencies)

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