Tuesday, 28 November 2017 18:23

Rights Group Records 14 Massacres & 53 Attacks by Assad Regime & Russian Forces on Eastern Ghouta Since July

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) said it had recorded at least 14 massacres and 53 attacks by the Assad regime and its Russian ally on vital civilian centers in eastern Ghouta, including seven medical facilities since 22 July 2017.

In a new report released on Monday, the monitoring group said that the attacks killed 146 civilians, including 37 children, 13 women, four rescue workers and two medical workers. The report listed six massacres that were committed by regime forces and their Russia ally. The victims of these massacres included three civilians, including a child and a woman who died because of the siege imposed by the Assad regime forces on the rebel-held area.

Despite the ‘de-escalation zones’ agreement in eastern Ghouta in place since July 22, 2017, the Assad regime and Russian forces continue to target civilians and vital civilian centers. In addition to killings and destruction, the Assad regime and its Russian ally continue with the sieges and starvation policies.

Majid Dalati, a researcher doctor at SNHR who is based in eastern Ghouta, said that the intensive constant bombardment on eastern Ghouta has been the most intense over the past seven years. He noted that regime forces and their allies are using various types of weapons in attacks on the area, including the banned cluster bombs.

Dalati added that the bombardment has so far killed nearly 100 people, mostly children and women and wounded hundreds more as well as destroyed many civilian homes. People of eastern Ghouta, however, continue to show legendary steadfastness in the face of the onslaught on the area.

According to SNHR’s report, the attacks targeted civilian areas that were void of any military headquarters or arms depots belonging to mainstream or extremist militant groups during or before the attacks.

The report called on the UN Security Council to take further action following the adoption of UN Security Council resolution 2254, which stressed the need to stop attacks against civilians and civilian objects, including attacks on medical facilities and personnel as well as to stop the indiscriminate use of weapons, including artillery and aerial bombardment.

The report also called on the international community to act at the national and regional levels to establish alliances to support the Syrian people; implement the principle of ‘responsibility to protect’; and press the UN Security Council to refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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