Russia Airstrikes Kill 30 Civilians in Idlib

A total of 30 civilians, including women and children, were killed and many more wounded on Tuesday in Russian airstrikes on rebel-held areas across Idlib province.

Russian warplanes bombed a public market in the town of Ariha, killing nine civilians, including a woman and wounding 27 more. The airstrike also caused massive damage in the area.

An Assad regime’s fighter jet struck a residential area in the town of Jarjanaz, killing three women and a child and wounding three others.

Russian airstrikes also targeted the towns of Saraqib, Tamana’a and Al-Najiya, with no initial reports of casualties.

The Russian air force also committed a horrific massacre in the town of Tarmanin west of Idlib where 17 civilians were killed and dozens wounded Tuesday. (Source: Syrian Coalition)