Thursday, 15 August 2019 21:12

Russian Double Tap Airstrike Kills Civil Defense Volunteer in Rural Hama

The Syrian Civil Defense mourned one of its volunteers who was killed in a Russian double tap airstrike while trying to rescue a civilian near the village of Basika in southern rural Idlib on Wednesday. The Assad regime and Russian air forces bombed at least 29 healthcare facilities in the provinces of Idlib and Hama, causing dozens of civilian casualties.

The Civil Defense Corpse said that the volunteer Younis Ballouz was killed in line of duty, adding that he was killed while trying to help victims of the Russian and Assad regime bombardment and pulling people from under the rubble.

Local activists said that 29-year-old paramedic Mohammad Mshanen and 34-year-old ambulance driver Fadi al-Omar were also killed in Russian airstrikes in rural Hama. They used to work with the SAMS ambulance system.

Local media outlets reported that the bombardment and shelling intensified in the last two days with the aim of maximizing casualties among civilians and forcing the FSA groups to retreat.

A total of 88 airstrikes pummeled towns and villages in rural Idlib on Wednesday, 45 of which were launched by the Russian jets. Of these, at least 36 targeted the town of Tamana’a. The region was also hit with more than 51 barrel bombs as well as 506 artillery and rocket shells, 245 of which pounded the town of Tamana’a. Ninety rockets and heavy artillery shells targeted the town of Khan Sheikhoun, according to the civil defense.

The Syrian National Coalition on Tuesday warned of a new humanitarian disaster affecting countries of the region and beyond, calling for urgent, serious international action to stop the military operations and relieve the displaced people and those in need. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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