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Monday, 26 October 2015 19:30

Russian Warplanes Bomb a School in Rural Aleppo

Russian jet fighters bombed Qinnisrin school in southern rural Aleppo yesterday, destroying large parts of the building.

Russian warplanes also targeted the village of Sheikh Baraka near Sinjar in rural Idlib. The Syrian Committee for Human Rights said a woman and her two children died in the attack which also left many injuries among civilians.

The Russian air strikes also hit the villages of Zitan, Khalsa, Khan Tuman and Al-Hadir in southern rural Aleppo though ISIS does not have any presence in these villages.

The Syrian Coalition calls on the UN Security Council to take “firm and effective” action to stop the Russian aggression on the Syrian people following the horrible massacres committed by the Russian air force across Syria.

It added that these massacres "should not go unpunished, calling for an end to the Russian aggression that falsely claims it is designed to fight terrorism.

The Syrian Coalition stresses the need to establish a safe area to protect Syrian civilians, expressing surprise at statements by some friendly countries who do not see a need for a safe areas which doesn’t constitute a practical solution to the crisis. (Source: Syrian Coalition)