Tuesday, 08 January 2019 19:43

Syrian Refugees in Arsal Camps Appeal for Assistance as Snowstorm Hits Lebanon

The refugee camps sheltering Syrian refugees in and around the town of Arsal in eastern Lebanon have been buffeted by a strong snowstorm that further exacerbated the suffering of refugees living in tents as well as tin and plastic shacks. Activists issued appeals on social media to the concerned sides urging aid for the refugees.

Activists pointed out that the shacks and tents were severely damaged as a result of the accumulating snow, warning that the tents will not hold if the snowstorm continues any longer. They urged relief and aid groups to provide support for those who are affected by the snowstorm.

The refugees urged assistance from the concerned authorities, saying that the aid that was sent to residents of the camps hardly suffices 10 percent of the refugees. They said they are suffering severe shortages of heating equipment and fuel.

Activists published a video showing a man trembling from the cold in his tent, urging the authorities to provide them with heating fuel.

“Refugee camps in Arsal in Lebanon are stricken with severe cold,” tweeted an activist. “Let’s not forget the children who have died of severe cold over the past years. Do not forget your Syrian brothers in the Arsal camps.”

Refugees said that that most relief organizations have left refugees for their unknown fate in a cold mountainous area, calling on aid groups to provide urgent relief aid to residents of the camps.

More than 80,000 Syrian refugees in the Lebanese town of Arsal suffer shortages of basic necessities, especially in winter as they lack the means to repair their ramshackle tents and shacks. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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