Monday, 04 February 2019 17:17

Two Civilians Killed in Assad Regime Shelling on Liberated Areas Sunday

Two civilians were killed and many others wounded in violent shelling by the Assad regime forces on the town of Al-Tih in southern rural Idlib on Sunday in yet new violation of the Idlib agreement.

The Syrian Civil Defense said that the town came under shelling with high-explosive rockets that targeted civilian homes and a mosque. Activists pointed out that the Assad forces positioned in eastern rural Idlib carried out the shelling which killed two young men, Hussein Ibrahim Quteish and Mukhlis Ali al-Awajas well as wounded many others.

Similar shelling also pounded the towns of Latamina, Kafarzeita, Morek, Tal Al-Sakhir, Hasraiya, Maarakuba, Albuwayda, Janabara, Tal Othman in northern rural of Hama as well as the villages of Hawash, Hawija and Zezoun in western rural Dara’a, causing civilian casualties.

Regime forces also carried out heavy artillery shelling on the village of Jazariya in rural Aleppo as well as the towns of Jarjanaz, Nqair, al-Ruffa, Terai, Sukeik, Al-Frija, Al-Musharifa, Al-Qasabiya and Umm Al-Khalakhil, wounding many civilians.

The Syrian Coalition, meanwhile, condemned the Assad regime’s targeting of populated areas as it called on the international community to deter these attacks and to hold to account those responsible for repeated violations against the civilians.

The Assad regime forces positioned in the town of Abu Dali and northern rural Hama continue to shell the liberated areas with heavy artillery. These heavy weapons are supposed to have been withdrawn from the area in accordance with the agreement on the demilitarized zone. The Assad regime did not abide by the agreement while its Russian ally refuses for force it to abide by the agreement. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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