Friday, 22 June 2018 21:19

UN Fears for 750,000 Syrians Caught in Intensifying Assault by Assad Regime & Allies in Dara’a

The Russian and Assad regime air force and Iranian terrorist militias have intensified aerial bombardment and ground offensive against the liberated areas in southern Syria for the fourth consecutive day. The intensified assault on the region prompted the United Nations to express deep concern about the safety hundreds of thousands of civilians there.

In a statement on Thursday, The United Nations said it was deeply concerned for around 750,000 people in southwestern Syria, where a military offensive has displaced people in Dara’a governorate towards the Jordanian border.

The UN statement came after an exodus of over 10,000 civilians from their homes. The displaced people sought refuge in schools and homes in the border villages and towns, especially in the province of Quneitra. They fled their homes to escape aerial bombardment as well as artillery and rocket shelling by the Assad forces and their allies militias stationed in rural Suwaida.

The United Nations on Wednesday said that “on June 20, shelling and fighting in several areas of Daraa governorate reportedly resulted in the death of 20 people, including 11 in Daraa city; many others were injured."

On Wednesday, the UN spokesman told a news conference that organization was concerned about the escalation of violence in Dara’a, calling for all necessary measures to protect civilian lives, allow freedom of movement and protect civilian infrastructure.

The Assad regime earlier closed most of the crossings to and from Dara’a province, preventing civilians and goods from moving in the area. Monitoring groups in Dara’said that they had recorded the death of 16 civilians in the province on Wednesday and Thursday in aerial bombardment and artillery shelling by the Assad regime and the Iranian terrorist militias, led by the Lebanese Hezbollah militia. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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