Thursday, 02 April 2020 19:26

SOC: Assad Regime is Syria’s Real Pandemic & its Cancer

The Syrian Opposition Coalition warned of the dangers of the Assad regime's continued policy of denial of the real numbers of the coronavirus cases in the country, stressing that this decades-long policy risks leading the country to abyss.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, the SOC called on the international community to ratchet up pressure on the Assad regime to force it to disclose the real numbers of the coronavirus cases and immediately release the detainees who are at serious risk of mass death from the disease.

“The Assad regime is Syria’s real epidemic and its cancer. Since it seized power, it has adopted the policy of denial in everything,” the SOC said.

“It still denies there are demonstrations and a popular movement demanding freedom and dignity. It denies that it is bombing cities, public facilities, and medical centers. It denies that it used chemical weapons. It denies that it has detained hundreds of thousands of Syrians or that it has subjected them to the most brutal methods of torture. Today it denies the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic across the areas under its controls, especially in Damascus and Lattakia.”

The SOC underscored that sources on the ground confirm the rapid spread of the virus in the regime-held areas and that the pandemic got out of control in view of the fact that the Assad regime opened Syria’s borders wide for militias coming from Iran and Lebanon - now epicenters of the pandemic in the region - the deployment of elements of these militias throughout the country, and the regime’s failure to impose isolation and social distancing.”

The SOC added: “This denial confirms that the Assad regime is determined to commit more major crimes against the Syrian people.”

“Meanwhile, we are avidly seeking to rid the Syrian people of this curse which has been perching on their chest for decades and which is to blame for the current situation in view of its greed and insistence on clinging to power.” (Source: SOC’s Media Department)

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