Saturday, 16 May 2020 18:36

SOC Urges Int’l Action to Prevent New Regime Assault on Dara’a

 The Syrian National Coalition warned the international community of the dangers of the regime’s attempts to exploit international conditions to unleash a new brutal campaign in southern Syria. It reaffirmed it stands by the people of Dara’a in the face of the Assad regime forces.

In a press release issued on Friday, the Coalition stressed that the regime’s military-up in the south and its sending of Iranian militias to the region is an extremely dangerous escalation.”

The Coalition called upon the international community to take firm, urgent measures to deter the regime’s plans against Dara’a and to prevent chaos and the deterioration of the situation in the region.

The Coalition expressed its confidence in the wisdom of the Dara’a notables and its civil bodies. It reaffirmed that it stands by them as it warns of the regime’s attempts to violate understandings whenever the opportunity arises.

“The pretexts the regime is making are all rejected as it is the first to sow chaos, destruction, arrest, displacement and breach of agreements.”

The Coalition added: “The Dara’a demonstrations came to reaffirm that the spirit of the revolution is still alive in the hearts and minds of the Syrian people; that their love for freedom and dignity will continue; and that the goals of their revolution will be achieved.” (Source: SOC’s Media Department)

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