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03 April 2017 In Coalition News

At least five civilians were killed and many others were wounded in airstrikes by the Assad regime’s air force on the towns of Saqba and Hammouriya in eastern Ghouta in the early morning hours of Monday.

Activists in eastern Ghouta said that most of those injured were women and children, adding that the airstrikes caused massive damage to residential buildings.

A civilian was also killed and many others were wounded in airstrikes that targeted the towns of Arbin and Jisreen in eastern Ghouta, activists said.

The Syrian Coalition’s media department recorded at least 45 violations of the truce by the Assad regime and its allies on Sunday. The majority of the violations took place in the provinces of Idlib, Hama, and Rural Damascus.

Around 30 airstrikes hit the district of Jobar in eastern Damascus on Sunday, resulting in many civilian casualties and widespread destruction.

The Syrian Coalition held Russia directly responsible for undermining the ceasefire and emphasized that Russia must stop its support for the regime. The Coalition also said that Russia needs to start acting responsibly as a permanent member of the UN Security council responsible for maintaining international peace and security, a sponsor of the political process and a guarantor of the ceasefire agreement in Syria. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department + Baladi News Network)

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