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08 April 2017 In Coalition News

Member of the Syrian Coalition Mohammad Yahya Maktabi stressed the need for continued pressure on the Assad regime to ensure the implementation of international resolutions and the protection of civilians, one of the UN primary responsibilities.

"Means of pressure are badly need to force the Assad regime to abide by international resolutions on Syria,” Maktabi said. These resolutions have become mere “ink on paper” as they continue to be met with total disregard by Bashar al-Assad.

Maktabi also stressed the need for continued strikes on the air bases the Assad regime uses to launch attacks on civilians.

Increased pressure on the Assad regime will help push the political process forward, Maktabi noted. He added that this would help initiate a transitional phase in accordance with the Geneva Communiqué of 2012 and UN Security Council resolution 2254 through the formation of a transitional governing body with full executive powers.

Maktabi called for a quick return by the US to Syria to counterbalance Russia, Assad’s main ally and the country having the biggest leverage on the political process and on the ground.

The US strikes on Shaerat airbase have sent a strong message to the regime and its backers to stop the killing of the Syrian people and the war crimes they have been committing for over six years, he added. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

08 April 2017 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition welcomed the strikes the United States launched on Shaerat airbase in eastern Homs province, calling for further strikes until Assad is removed from power.

In a press release issued on Friday, the Coalition expressed its “support for the action taken by President Trump and his intention to answer the cries of the Syrian people and children.”

The Coalition also said it supported “President Trump’s calls for the formation of an international coalition of the civilized world to confront and work on deposing this deadly backward regime; contribute to the efforts to reach a just political solution; and continue the fight against forces of terrorism in all its forms, including the Assad regime and its allied sectarian militias.”

“The Syrian Coalition welcomes the strikes the United States launched on Shaerat airbase from which airplanes took off to carry out the horrific war crime of gassing our people, including women and children, in the town of Khan Sheikoun.”

“The Coalition sees in these strikes the beginning of change where the words of US messages, for the first time, were translated into action to punish perpetrator of the crime. It also sees in them a turning point in the American position on Syria as the Trump administration, unlike its predecessor, did not allow the murderous regime to continue its crimes of using internationally banned weapons,” the Coalition added.

The Coalition went on: “The US strikes have sent strong messages to backers of the Assad regime, especially Iran and Russia, to stop playing tricks with the fate and blood of the Syrian people and attempting to gain the upper hand in Syria. They have sent messages that the United States will not allow any more breaches of international law and the disregard for international resolutions as well as the most heinous, terrorist acts against civilians and children.”

The Coalition stressed that the Assad regime “bears full responsibility for exposing our country to various types of domination, occupation, mandate, and destruction.”

The Coalition expressed hope for the continuation of the new US position “to lead to the imposition of a no-fly zone; the neutralization of the military bases the Assad regime uses to target civilians; putting an end to the crimes being committed by the Assad regime and its allies; achieving a just political solution that puts an end to the Syrian tragedy and in which the head of the regime and his clique do not have any position or role to play; and help bringing them before the International Criminal Court.”

The Coalition called upon the Syrian people and their active forces “to close ranks and unite into one political, military, and popular front to confront the new challenges, combat terrorism in all its forms, and make every effort to topple the criminal regime of tyranny and sectarianism and work on the establishment of a democratic, pluralistic state.” (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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