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08 September 2017 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition announced it fully rejects the withdrawal of Free Syrian Army groups from the Syrian Desert as it condemned all deals being reached at the expense of the struggle of the Syrian people and their legitimate aspirations.

In a press release issued on Friday, the Coalition said that it “fully rejects the withdrawal of forces known for their bravery to outside the Syrian territory at a time when ISIS militants are moving freely in different directions on the Syrian territory right under the nose of the world and the watchful satellites of major countries.”

The Coalition condemned “all deals being reached at the expense of the struggle of the Syrian people and their legitimate aspirations for freedom and their right to fight the murderous Assad regime and the ISIS terrorist group.”

The Coalition pointed out that it had recently met with representatives of the two Coalition-affiliated groups and consulted with them on the steps to be taken to stop these measures. It also said it had contacted officials of the US administration in charge of the Syrian file as well as with many friendly parties and FSA groups. The Coalition noted that it continued its consultations with the brothers in Jordan and the supporting parties on behalf of the two FSA groups to warn of the consequences and implications of this move.

“The history of Ahmad Al-Abdu and Ussoud Al-Sharqiya Free Syrian Army groups testifies to their distinguished performance in confronting the terrorist Assad regime and ISIS. The two groups lost many fighters in battles across Syria,” the Coalition stressed.

“In addition to being inconceivable, it is feared that the move is part of an arrangement or deal with Russia and the murderous regime with regards to the Syrian Desert to end the presence of the Free Syrian Army in the area.” (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

08 September 2017 In Coalition News

Nasr al-Hariri, head of the opposition High Negotiations Committee’s (HNC) delegation described the remarks of the UN envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, as “shocking and disappointing”, stressing that de Mistura’s speech was in line with the Russian agenda.

At a press conference in Istanbul on Thursday, Hariri said De Mistura was well aware "which party has cooperated positively to advance the political process and which is the obstacle," in reference to the Assad regime.

"Every time we expected de Mistura to present a realistic report to the United Nations on the regime’s hindering of the Geneva process, the UN envoy remained silent," Hariri said. “That gave the Assad regime the green light to continue to commit crimes,” he added.

"The UN Envoy has no right to give up international resolutions on Syria. When he talks about constitutional reform and some form of power-sharing, he is completely departing from the substance of these resolutions and these principles as well as contravening the spirit of the Geneva Communique of 2012 which called for bringing about a political transition through the formation of a transitional governing body.”

Hariri stressed that “any international deal for a solution will not succeed unless the demands of the Syrian people for a political transition away from Assad are implemented.”

The UN investigators’ latest report has confirmed that "we have not only one war criminal, but war criminals led by Bashar al-Assad," stressing the need for the United Nations to act with the utmost firmness towards these crimes.

Moreover, Hariri called for the implementation of the recommendations set forth by the UN Commission of Inquiry and to be adopted by the UN General Assembly and the Security Council. He also called for the activation of the principle of international justice and bringing all perpetrators of war crimes, chiefly among them is Bashar al-Assad, to the International Criminal Court.

Furthermore, Hariri emphasized the need for Russia to stop aiding and abetting the regime’s crimes and, adding that Russia is helping Assad evade justice for his crimes.

Hariri concluded his remarks by calling for "an emergency UN Security Council meeting to discuss the finding of the Commission’s reports and the activation of Article 21 of UN Security Council resolution 2118, which threatened measures under UN Chapter VII in the case of non-compliance.” (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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