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13 January 2018 In Coalition News

The Syrian Negotiations Commission accused the Assad regime of assassinating Mounir Darwish, one of its members as it called on the UN and human rights organizations to conduct an international investigation into the incident.

The Commission said in a statement that Darwish was hit by a car in front of his house in Damascus on Friday evening and was liquidated while he was being hospitalized.

The Commission offered condolences to Darwish’s family as it called on international bodies, particularly the United Nations and human rights organizations, to conduct a transparent investigation into the assassination of Darwish.

The Commission reaffirmed is firm commitment to “our steadfast people inside Syria and in the diaspora” as it stressed it would follow in the footsteps of “our fallen heroes in the struggle to achieve the objectives of the Syrian people in freedom and dignity."

“We hold the tyrannical Assad regime Darwish responsible for the death of Darwish," the Commission added. It called on the Syrian people to “carry on with the struggle to establish a free, safe and democratic country where there is no place for the criminal Assad regime which brought destruction and occupation to Syria."

13 January 2018 In Coalition News

The 37th meeting of the Syrian Coalition’s General Assembly began in the Turkish city of Istanbul on Saturday.

Members of the General Assembly will convene for two days and will discuss the latest field developments in Syria, especially the heinous massacres being committed against civilians in Idlib province and the Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta.

Tabled for discussions are also the latest political developments, especially the Geneva process and the upcoming new round of negotiations.

Vice-president of the Syrian Coalition Abdul Rahman Mustafa said that massacres being committed against Syrian civilians are part of the military strategy being pursued by the Assad regime and its allies to impose a solution contradicting all international resolutions on Syria.

Mustafa called upon the international community, led by the United States, to assume their role in protecting civilians and stopping the daily massacres against them. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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