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16 April 2018 In Coalition News

Secretary-General of the Syrian Coalition, Nazir al-Hakim, stressed that the military strikes against the Assad regime should be aimed at the activation of the mechanism for the prosecution of war criminals and violators of international resolutions, chiefly among them is Bashar al-Assad.

Hakim pointed out that Russia’s continued disabling of the UN Security Council and the failure to implement international resolutions demanding a cease-fire, the lifting the sieges, the delivery of humanitarian aid, and the release of detainees must stop. He stressed that Moscow must end its support for the murderous Assad regime.

Hakim pointed to the need to revitalize the political process aimed at reaching a political solution in accordance with the Geneva Communique of 2012 and UN Security Council resolution 2254 to form a Transitional Governing Body (TGB) with full executive powers.

The military strikes against the Assad regime came to deter the murderer who has been killing the Syrian people for the past seven years and not to destroy the country, Hakim added. In addition to chemical weapons manufacturing and storage facilities, the strikes must target all military positions that the Assad regime is using to launch attacks against civilians.

Hakim noted that the Assad regime killed hundreds of thousands of civilians using conventional weapons, while chemical weapons killed only a few thousand civilians. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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