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20 April 2018 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition, in cooperation with the Syrian Interim Government (SIG), the Free Aleppo Governorate Council, and Afrin’s Local Council, held a workshop with the aim of assessing the needs of the civilian population of Afrin. The workshop also discussed ways to provide support and meet the basic needs of civilians as well as to rehabilitate service institutions in the region.

Participants in the workshop, which was held at SIG headquarters in the Turkish city of Gaziantep, included President of the Syrian Coalition Abdulrahman Mustafa and SIG’s Head Jawad Abu Hatab as well as representatives of friendly countries. The agenda of the workshop included a detailed explanation of the situation in Afrin by the Re-stabilization Committee and an overview of SIG’ efforts to restore services institutions to the region. Participants also discussed the role of donor countries in the next phase.

President Mustafa said that everyone has a responsibility to eliminate any threat posed by Bashar al-Assad as he called for a tougher international position against the Assad regime. He stressed that the international community must stop watching idly by as the Assad regime is committing the most heinous crimes against the Syrian people and repeatedly using chemical weapons and other internationally banned weapons.

President Mustafa urged all friendly countries to urgently help meet the basic needs of the residents of Afrin in coordination with SIG institutions and restore hope for a better future in the Afrin region.

The local council in Afrin is giving priority to the return of the displaced persons to their towns and villages, Mustafa said. He added that the council is working to restore stability to the region and restore infrastructure.

President Mustafa thanked representatives of the friendly countries for their efforts and continued support for the aspirations of the Syrian people for freedom and dignity. He also commended the role being played by the Turkish forces and the Syrian National Army in the preservation of the territorial integrity of Syria and freeing Afrin from the terrorist PYD militias.

Moreover, President Mustafa commended SIG’s efforts to provide services to the local population. He said that SIG’s teams have experience in local administration, the development of projects, and the provision of essential services to the population in addition to the rehabilitation and maintenance of infrastructure.

President Mustafa expressed hope for increased cooperation with friendly countries to provide SIG with sufficient support to implement projects aimed at easing the suffering of the civilian population. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department + Agencies)

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