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04 April 2018 In Coalition News

President of the Syrian Coalition Abdulrahman Mustafa sent a letter to Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit to highlight the series of mass forced displacement operations being carried out by the Assad regime against the local population in various areas across Syria, the most recent of which took place in eastern Ghouta.

President Mustafa said that the war crimes did not stop in Syria. He strongly condemned the Assad regime and its allies’ employment of policies violating human rights, including killings, starvation and torture. He stressed that these tactics are aimed at crushing the Syrian people's revolution and their demands for freedom and dignity.

President Mustafa also expressed his deep concern about the dire and mysterious situation surrounding Idlib province, which has become the destination for all the people who are being displaced from other areas. He pointed out that the province is now home to more than two million civilians.

Moreover, President Mustafa said that eastern Ghouta was subjected to the largest mass forced displacement operation in the wake of the ruthless onslaught by the Assad regime and Russia forces who used various types of weapons, including internationally prohibited ones in the bombing campaign in the Damascus suburb. He noted that the displaced people were humiliated and starved by pro-regime forces.

President Mustafa said that the situation in Idlib has become extremely dire as the new arrivals are being housed in overcrowded shelters and houses amid severe shortages of food and drinking water as well as lack of medical services.

He stressed that Syrian civilians continue to suffer as the situation on the ground has become catastrophic because of the failure of the international community to stop the waves of mass forced displacement; protect civilians; and enforce UN Security Council resolutions calling for the cessation of all hostilities and the delivery of humanitarian aid.

The Syrian Interim Government (SIG) has conducted a statistical study of the displaced people and has prepared an inventory of their needs in the reception sites, President Mustafa said. He called for the urgent provision of humanitarian and medical assistance for the IDPs via the Syrian Interim Government and in accordance with the needs listed in SIG’s report. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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